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ONESOURCE Global Trade Import

comex global trade import

The ONESOURCE Global Trade Import module integrates trade and logistics departments and partners, optimizing time in each step of the process and automating operational tasks to meet the needs of compliance, import traceability, delays, calculation of expected and actual costs of the operation, generation of documents for government and partner modules, intelligent application of special regimes minimizing tax costs, control of pre and post clearance rectification of the import declaration, issuance of the incoming invoice, control of the receipt of imported materials and legal content that ensures the updates of the constant changes in government legislation.

ONESOURCE Global Trade Export

comex global trade export

The globalized scenario requires competitive differentials in the treatment of export operations. In this context, the ONESOURCE Global Trade Export module integrates foreign trade departments and partners, optimizing time in each step of the export process. The operational tasks are automated in a scalable way to meet your needs with compliance, process traceability, calculation of expected and actual costs of the operation, generation of documents for the government modules, controls of original documents (declaration and certificates). In addition, it is integrated to our modules of special regimes for verification and associated with legal content, which guarantees the updates to the constant changes in governmental legislations.

ONESOURCE Global Trade Exchange

comex global trade cambio

The Foreign Exchange solutions (import and export) allow the management and control of payment conditions and receipts of commercial invoices, automate the write-off of accounts payable and receivable and the accounting of taxes integrated to the ERP, link payments to the DI and receipts to the DUE (allowing the tracking of the exchange contract and customs declarations), control the current account abroad, the issue of DEREX and international banks (SWIFT and Statement).

Special Customs Regimes

regimes aduaneiros especiais comex

Our solutions for the management of the main special customs regimes offer the guarantee of compliance with legal norms and the maximization of results in the use of the customs regimes. We offer companies mature solutions that collaborate to the management of regimes such as RECOF, RECOF SPED, Drawback, Repetro Sped, Repetro Industrialization, Special Deposit (DE), Bonded Deposit (DAF), as well as management options for operations in Bonded Enclosures.

Comex Content & Comex Data

comex content e comex data

ComexContent is an exclusive offer in the market, which delivers daily and automatically within the import modules and special regimes the main NCM information, tax rates, exchange rates and other relevant content to foreign trade.

ONEOSOURCE Global Trade Data Analytics

comex onesource global trade data analytics

One of the main challenges faced by large companies in the foreign trade sector is the optimization of the analysis of data obtained on a daily basis, as well as its application in strategic business decisions.

With ONESOURCE Global Trade’s Data Analytics module, your company will be able to plan more assertively and efficiently, following the trend analyses shown by the tool. In just a few clicks, you can create dashboards for quick and easy data visualization, as well as customized reports according to your needs. All this in a simple and efficient way. 

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