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Flama is a tax solution homologated consulting firm of Thomson Reuters and therefore has a suite of solutions that meet the tax and accounting processes of companies from end to end, providing greater efficiency and security. 

Our solutions


onesource tax one

The complex Brazilian tax legislation is a challenge for companies’ compliance. But a complete, affordable and secure tax solution is the right ally for organizations to comply with their accessory tax obligations.

ONESOURCE Tax One is the cloud solution that unites technology and security in an environment that is periodically updated with regulatory changes at the Federal, State and Municipal levels.

Tax One for SAP

tax one for sap

For companies using SAP’s TDF or ACR solutions, we offer a fully integrated tax tool, native to SAP S/4HANA technology, to ensure the delivery of tax obligations at Federal, State and Municipal levels.

ONESOURCE Determination

onesource determination

An accurate calculation engine for companies that need up-to-date information on changes in the rates of ICMS, IPI, PIS/Cofins and withholding taxes, the most powerful and flexible solution for indirect taxes and the only automated end-to-end tax determination solution on the market.

Workflow Manager

workflow manager

A solution for managing fiscal and tax processes that offers control and reporting features that help ensure timely project completion. 

Workflow Manager features intelligent task automation and is fully configurable to meet the specific needs of your tax department with secure remote access from anywhere, anytime.


onesourde dfe

A complete solution focused on electronic tax documents which offers easy issuing, receipt and management with a friendly interface and clear information management for users.

ONESOURCE DF-e has the highest security level and was designed to support the processing for millions of invoices per day without performance loss. 

ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Brasil

transfer pricing

Best technology and expertise in transfer pricing calculation and control for Brazilian purposes, ensuring compliance with national rules and supporting from planning to accessory obligation fulfillment. 

ONESOURCE Tax Analyser

onesource tax analyser

The government collection and inspection agencies have been improving their ability to identify inconsistencies in the files of the accessory tax obligations sent by taxpaying companies. Proof of this are the records of infractions and collection of fines announced every year by the tax authorities.

In this scenario, it is essential to be able to count on a complete tax compliance tool for auditing and crosschecking the information delivered to the tax authorities, which has the scope of the obligations of the three spheres (federal, state, and municipal). Thus, it is possible to ensure the quality of the data and avoid risks.

ONESOURCE Checkpoint

onesource checkpoint

Checkpoint Corporate is the portal of tax, accounting, labor, social security, corporate and foreign trade content of Thomson Reuters and allows searches of legislation, case law, roadmaps (with comments from experts), articles, tables and schedule of obligations.

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